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We have been established in the market town of Marlborough for over 20 years. Directors Adrian King and Brian Froud are always available to assist individuals and businesses with their financial affairs, enabling them to spend more time on other aspects of their lives.

If you spend all day with customers making sales and following up leads the last thing you need is to spend the evening working on your accounts. Bew & Co. will take this load off your mind.

We are always happy to travel to our clients' place of business for meetings and weekend appointments can be arranged.

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Information Sheet: Taxation of Dividends (29 Apr 2016)

April 29, 2016 - Posted by Adrian King

From 6th April 2016 the taxation of dividends has changed.

Prior to 6th April 2016 a dividend came with an attaching tax credit. This meant that for every £9,000 received there was a tax credit of £1,000 giving the gross dividend of £10,000.

The amount of £10,000 would be declared as income and basic rate taxpayers would have no further tax liability.

From 6th April 2016 the tax credit has been abolished. This means that you would now show £9,000 as income.

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Contact us to discuss your book-keeping requirements, then all you have to do is send us your invoices, vouchers, cheque-book stubs and bank statements, we do the rest. No more late nights struggling with cash books or spreadsheets.

No more hassle

Of course, if you prefer to manage your bookkeeping using a spreadsheet all you need to do is send it to us periodically. If you'd like a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will help you keep on top of things - here's the one we encourange our clients to use:

Download our bookkeeping spreadsheet template for free.

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Accounts preparation


Using a computerised accounts production system we produce timely accounts for you to use to manage your business better, to fulfil your Companies House and Inland Revenue filing obligations and to enable you to calculate your tax liability.

Avoid late penalties

Please see our blog for late filing penalties for Limited companies.

If your accounts are produced as soon as possible after your year end we can advise you of your tax liabilities so you can plan early to meet the liability.

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Tax returns


The introduction of self-assessment with its deadlines has made the annual completion of tax returns a task requiring considerable skill. If you ask us to assist with your return, not only will we complete and file your returns on time, but also help you to ensure you pay the tax liability before the deadline.

Don't get caught out

You only have until 31st October to submit a paper return. After that date returns must be filed online and it will be necessary to obtain an authorisation code before the return can be filed. Late filing penalties will no longer be reduced to nil even if there is no tax liability.

If your income is falling, filing your return early may help to reduce your payments on account.

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Why spend hours working out employee wages? By using our payroll team, simply inform us of the amount of pay due and we do the rest, including preparing your year-end forms (most of which must be filed online): P35, P45, P46, P60.

National Insurance Contributions

Although National Insurance contributions are not payable for 2013/14 under £148 per week, there is still a requirement to keep records once the salary reaches £109 per week.

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Tax planning


You need not engage in risky, expensive and complicated tax saving schemes. By making minor adjustments to your affairs you could maximise the use of your tax allowances thus saving you money in your pocket.

The main allowances are:

Income tax

The Personal Allowance for 2013/14 is £9,440. Are you making full use of this? Even children have their own allowance!

Capital gains tax

For the year ended 5th April 2014 you can make a capital gain of £10,900 without incurring capital gains tax liabilities.

Inheritance tax

If your estate is worth more than £325,000 contact us to mitigate possible tax liabilities. See our article 'Have You Got a Valid Will?' for more information.

It may take up to seven years to achieve the best savings so you may need to contact us about this now.

Value Added Tax

From 1st April 2013 the registration limit is £79,000. If your turnover is above this limit you may have to register for VAT and file your returns on-line.

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Other services


We offer all companies a free registered office service. In addition we can assist with all your Company Secretary duties and filing with Companies House. Although we don't offer financial services advice (such as insurance, pensions and investments) we can liaise with your Independent Financial Advisor if you wish, to ensure your tax affairs are fully considered.

Our other services include

  • Free registered office service
  • Company secretary services
  • Companies house filing
  • Assistance with VAT matters and planning
  • Liaising with independant financial advisers

If you are considering entering into a trust we can also offer advice on the choice of trust and the varying tax implications. For more information about any of our services please contact us.

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